Steel Frame Skate Surface Ramps

This is a new construction combo we are doing. Steel frame with steel sheeting under a special skate surface on top.

This combo give our ramps great strength, without the noise from steel only ramps. Great in summer as it does not heat up like steel, and it's an optimal riding surface for skateboards, BMX and scooters.

The steel sheeting under gives it extra strength as the special surface sheeting is usually laid in two layers


Gulgong overview

Gulgong Skatepark

Main Drop in ramp

Main box Gulgong

Middle Fun box

Middle fun box gulgong

Middle fun box Gulgong

Double width quarter ramp

Double quarter ramp

Spine ramp

Spine Gulgong

Two level manuel box

Two level manuel box Gulgong

Manuel box

Manuel Box Gulgong

Square rail

Steel square rail Gulgong


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