Steel Frame Ramps

Steel ramps are relatively cheap and portable and will last many years.

We can build any of our stock designs, or design and build any custom configuration and size you desire, from a jump ramp to an entire skatepark. Our ramps are Australian made with Australian steel. All frames are 40mm x 40mm x 3mm RHS and surface sheets are 3mm which makes them very solid to skate on. We can offer a number of surface finishes, and under frame rust proofing. Internal and external tags are incorporated for fixing down to slabs.

Listed below are just some of our designs already proven and in use. From the simple to the complex we can design and make it. Pricing is worked out by the square meter area, height and complexity of the unit.

Construction turnaround is very fast, installation usually only takes a day depending on how many ramps are installed.


Steel Frame Ramps

Steel Frame Ramps

Steel Frame Ramps

Steel Frame Ramps

Steel Frame Ramps


Umina NSW PCYC indoor steel frame skatepark

Umina PCYC Indoor Skatepark


Tahmoor installion November 2009

Tahmoor Installation

Tahmoor Steel Ramps

Tahmoor Steel Ramps


Dubbo Steel Ramps. Park size approx 900sqM Installed Ramps approx 115sqM

Dubbo Overview


Rails Steel rails of all sizes, square or round bar

Kicker Kicker Ramp

Step Manuel Box Duel level Manuel Box

Rainbow Box Rainbow Manuel Box

Wedge Manuel Box Wedge Manuel Box

Wedge Wall Ride Box Wedge Wall Ride Box

Wave Kicker Wave Kicker

Spine Spine Ramp

Steel Kicker Roll Over Combo Kicker Roll Over Ramp

Steel Large Quarter Large Quarter Ramp

Steel Large Flat Quarter Large Flat Ramp

Pyramid Pyramid

Corner Hip Large Hip Ramp

Corner Euro Ramp Large Euro Corner Ramp

Combo Fun Box Combo Fun Box

Corner Combo Ramps Rails Combo Corner Ramps



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