Portable Skateparks

The team at Sk8scapes have designed a complete portable, modular, skatepark set-up. Ideal for councils, clubs and community groups to set-up on any concrete surface, such as car parks, basketball courts or existing skateparks.

The entire system, frame and surface sheeting, has been designed to take years of hard riding from skateboarders, bikers and scooter riders.

The system is designed to store or stack flat, most of the items have removable legs, fitting into a small van or truck. Fast to set-up, modular in design so many items fit together to combine in unlimited configurations.

The frames are made from "Dura Gal" steel, surface sheeting is either plywood with "WeatherTex" surface, or can be ordered using a "Skatelite" surface sheeting. Curved ramps have two layers of 7mm plywood with one layer of 9.5mm "weathertex". Flat items have one layer of 18mm construction grade, form plywood.

Toes on all ramps are made from 3mm gal plate.


Sml and Med size Kicker Ramps

Small and Med size Kicker Ramps 600mm wide 200 and 450mm high


Large Kicker Ramp

Large Kicker Ramp with coping, place two back to back to create a spine. 600mm wide 600mm high


Flat Bank Ramps

Flat Bank Ramps, 600mm wide, 200mm and 450mm high


Large drop in Flat Bank Ramp

Large "drop in" Flate bank ramp.1.2m wide 900mm high 600mm wide platform


Large Quarter Ramp

Large Quarter Ramp with coping, 1.2m wide 900mm high 600mm wide platform. Two ramps to make a small mini ramp combo.


Manuel Box

Manuel Box, 1.2m wide x 2.4m long, legs in either 200mm or 450mm high. Ends have bolt holes for either down rails or hubbas.

Manuel Pad n Down Rail Manuel Pad, n Down Rail Middle

Manuel Pad and down rail bolted to end, Manuel Pad and Hubba bolted to middle. Use two manuel pads, together one high 450mm legs the other 200mm legs, or put two together and bolt rails or hubba to middle, one item on each end of pads.

These items can be bolted either to the middle of the pads, or either side of the pads, or put two manuel pads together and bolt them between the two manuel pads

Manuel Pad n Hubba Manuel Pad n Hubbe Middle

Manuel Pad legs and bolts Manuel Pad Frame

Close up of inside frame, adjustable leg. On set-up postion frame down with leg bolts loose, they will self level, then lock off legs to make stable on uneven ground.


Convex Manuel Pad

Convex Manuel Pad 600mm wide x 2.4m long. showing 200mm high legs


Concave Manuel Pad

Concave Manuel Pad 600mm wide x 2.4m long. Showing 450mm and 200mm high legs at front.


Curved Manuel Pad

Curved Manuel Pad 600mm wide 2.4m long. Showing 450mm high legs, also 200mm legs option


Wave Ramp

Wave Ramp, so fun, 600mm wide x 2.4m long



Square or round rails, 250mm high and 380mm high .. any combo can be made. 2m long


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